CK Auto Restorations delivers concours-quality (hi end) restorations of vehicles from the 20’s through 70’s. Our specialties are early Corvettes – those produced from 1953-1962, often called the “solid axle” Corvettes.

Customers choose CK Auto when their restoration requirements include:
  • Strict adherence and application of correct components, date codes, fasteners, and finish

  • Flawless paint

  • Relentless attention to "Fit" and "Finish"

  • Mechanically sound, safe and drive-able vehicle that looks as it came from the factory

  • Collaboration between owner and restorer including regular communication

  • Research into what is, and isn’t correct for the vehicle

  • Plans for AACA, CCCA, Bloomington Gold®, NCRS or similar Certification

  • Post-restoration services (like show prep, transportation, tune up, cosmetic touch up, etc)

  • Commonly referred to as "frame off" or "body off" restoration, this process involves the complete disassembly of a vehicle, inspection of all parts (reconditioning the correct ones, removing the incorrect ones and locating correct or NOS (new old stock) replacements), checking all frame and body tolerances to factory-specifications, re-fitting all components, re-plating all parts in correct paint or finish (zinc, cad, nickel, chrome, etc), restoring all gauges and interior components, researching correct color schemes for the vehicle, overhauling the engine, and reassembly and testing for 100% operation of every vehicle system.